produzenten group picture

© K.C. Wagner

From left to right:
Josephine Nordheim, Simon Rosenthal, Mara & Steffi Engelhardt, Amelie Hüneke, Andreas Hildebrandt, Manja Barthel, Cornelia Renz, Tilmann Walther, Thorsten Groetschel, Ulrike Mundt, Wieland Payer, Antje Guske, Heinz Schmöller, Gilbert Brohl, Lucas Oertel

Our project

In 2016, “produzenten | galerie“ was founded by 10 artists. Soon, our gallery became an established institution in Dresden’s “Barockviertel“ quarter and we were very pleased about the positive reactions we have received during that period.

Now, in the year 2018, we changed the line-up of artists since 10 new members joined the 5 artists who remained in “produzenten | galerie“. Our current group of 15 artists brings together different cities: Dresden, Berlin, Potsdam, Leipzig and Jerusalem. The gallery in Dresden is now the intersection of these artists and a space for their individual and self-determined exhibition concepts.