Antje Guske

In her works moments of installation–like and mainly serial moments are merging with her personal childhood references filled with a world of images in her mind. Strange stage–like objects are overdrawn with floral ornaments or are disfigured through carefully gold–plated surfaces.

The appearing three–dimensionality and haptics of her work are cheating the observers eye and challenge him to give up on his previous viewing habits. Antje Guskes wall installations and objects are drafting clues to things that are not present. Her picture–objects are questioning die mysteriousness of the world by uncovering hidden correlations.

1978 born in Dresden, Germany - lives and works in Dresden


Foundation and organisation of the project- and exhibition room ‘Stauffenbergallee 11’, Dresden


Represented by Cream Contemporary, Berlin


Diploma, master student of Prof. Martin Honert


Student of Prof. Max Uhlig and Prof. Martin Honert, Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden



Scholarship of the Hermann-Ilgen-Foundation, Dresden


Scholarship of the Department of Culture, Dresden


Administrative Support by Office of Culture and Monument Protection, Dresden


Scholarship of the Foundation of Culture, Saxony

Internet presence of Antje Guske