Cornelia Renz

The material Cornelia Renz uses — felt-tip pen on layers of acrylic glass, that interleave the segments of motivs drawn on the single sheets to an entire picture only when mounted together in a case — is of the most extreme artificiality. It takes shape of a ready made, thus setting the art and the artist apart from one another. The use of the felt-tip pen which develops controlled, precise lines, again points out that the artist does not want to abet the notion of personal expression in the drawn line.

Renz’s lines accordingly reveal no irregularities that can be read as the artist’s own affective sensations about her quite ambivalent world of motifs. The contours of the objects and figures represented exude an almost classicist severity, clarity and elegance. This is all the more surprising since the motifs chosen by the artist provide all the more reason for excitement: In a network of visual elements, overwhelming in its plenitude, nudes mix with beasts and skeletons, luxuriant floral and ornamental patterns, geometrical constructions and slogans to form enchanted, absurd and at times horrifying figurations.

Upon closer look however, we discover that the images are largely montaged from preexisting motifs from all realms of visual production. They originate from the world of high art as well as from illustrations of anatomy textbooks or advertising logos. The special achievement of the artist is to discover in the contemporary flood of images motifs that are dignified (not in a moral or art-theoretical sense) and to combine them in such a virtuosic way that they become consistent figurations and yet subcutaneously generate unease.
Heinz Stahlhut

1966 born in Kaufbeuren, Germany - lives and works in Berlin and Jerusalem


Master student of Prof. Sighard Gille


studied painting at Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst (academy for visual arts), Leipzig with Prof. Sighard Gille and Neo Rauch



Art Cube artists studios, studio grant, Jerusalem, (IL)


Grant of the Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral, artist residency, (GER)


Grant of the Else-Heiliger-Fonds, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, (GER)


Villa Aurora Grant, Los Angeles, (US)


Fine Art Award of the Schering Foundation, Berlinische Galerie, Berlin, (GER)


Marion Ermer Award, (GER)


Grant of the Federal Government of Saxony, (GER)


Grant of the Germination Foundation, (GER)


100 Saxon Graphics, Schüngel Award, (GER)

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