Gerard Waskievitz

My pictures are made through quick decisions. It is a moment that decides whether the picture is done or not. The studio is littered with newspapers and current affairs. It seems a moody moment of my choice and the tag theme is one personal coincidence. It is not about stories, it is about everyday things. Paintings were dedicated to the concrete figure and takes her to part also the face.

The duct of my painting is to synchronize fragments or create confusion. Small details in the picture alienate the actually everyday scene, unsettle, often act bizarre or shrill. On the big screen, the color composition is coarse and bold or left out.

I am a painter. Can you reach someone with painting? I often do not know how my pictures will look like. The conceptual walk is in my biography omitted. The engine that drives me is the uncertainty and tension in the hidden dimensions and their interpretation. I do not know how that ends up. And then I start all over again.

Born in 1962, Kozuchow, Poland - live and works in Berlin

University of Fine Arts Essen

Member Association of Berlin Artists