Heinz Schmöller

Heinz Schmöllers artistic work includes scultures, videos and paintings. For those he often likes to use already existing objects and materials that are borrowed from the consumer world. Images and objects designed and made by children respond to him in particular. Inside those undisguised fetishes of market economy he researches beauty, mystery an poetry. For this art practice Heinz Schmöller found the term of „Infantile escapism“. He looks for the fractures in the surface and the dazzling beauty of the absurd.

Heinz Schöller took part in many national and international exhibitions. His pieces of art are included in private and public collections.

1975 born in Dresden, Germany - lives and works in Dresden


Master student of Prof. Eberhard Bosslet at the Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden


Studying Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden


Professional education as a stonemason/ stone sculptor

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