Lars Kohl

‘No matter whether it is about the almost died out genre of still life or interieur of 21st century Art, or notes of a sudden impression of nature that seem to pass by as if by accident and without intention, the paintings are build up based out of the colour according to Dresdens tradition in painting, like the start of a game without any purpose which is transfering into reality bit by bit while unveiling a variety of complex associations for the viewer. The relation to the concrete in Kohls paintings always survives in different intensities and appears in changing points of view.’ - Prof. Dr. Brigitte Rieger–Jähner (Extract from the exhibition catalouge ‘Eigenwilligkeit’ at the Museum Junge Kunst, Frankfurt an der Oder)

1983 born in Dresden

since 2011

Master student at Dresden Academy of Fine Arts of Prof. Peter Bömmels


Diploma at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts


Studies at Dresden Academy of Fine Arts with Prof. Peter Bömmels and Prof. Elke Hopfe


A levels graduation

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