Lucas Oertel

I paint with oil on canvas, figurative, using powerful colour and always seek for a dialogue between form and content. By covering the canvas with several structured and nuanced layers I try to find a shape. At the end of this process there is always the impression of a human being.

Picture by picture I develop a solitary form of diction for the concept of man. I try approaching my figures in a refinded way to create their specific character and therefore to make them seem lively.

For me, the hightest significance lays in the ambivalence between the strenghts and weaknesses of man which cannot be seperated in terms of the works form. Neither can one‘s harmlessness and sincerity exist solitary, just as the depiction.

With my entire focus on the painting I use this as my medium.

1983 born in Dresden, Germany - lives and works in Dresden


Master student of Prof. Peter Bömmels


Diploma at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts


Erasmus scholarship in Cuenca, Spain


Main studies at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts with Prof. Peter Bömmels


Basic studies at the Dresden Art Academy with Prof. Siegfried Klotz and Prof. Elke Hopfe



Erasmus scholarship in Cuenca, Spain

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