Nadine Wölk

Deleted Scenes / Nighthawks

In her work Nadine Wölk plays with different levels of perception and scenic depiction by bringing the modern meanings of expression and traditional techniques together. In her latest works the paintings seem to create a dialogue between photography and the Youth Culture more than ever. It is a documentary of the present time in which the unsteadiness of moments and experiences is one main subject.

The night views create a gloomy atmosphere by using a narrow point of view and backgrounds darkness while foreground figures are lit up by the flash of the camera.

In many of Nadine Wölk‘s paintings the darkness of space surrounding a person can be interpreted as different levels of perception.

The depicted figures do rarely share a direct eye contact with the viewer, they rather turn away or hide their faces. To understand the work one needs to think beyond the interpretation of their gestures and mimics. Just like a reading or sleeping person, those figures seem disconnected from reality. With that Wölk again doubts the significance of an objective depiction of life. The images‘ space opens up towards a dimension which lies beyond the image itself and only can be discovered emotioally to represent some kind of inwardness.

Caroline Linssen M. A.

1979 born in Jena, Wenigenjena, Thüringen

since 2008



Master student of Prof. Martin Honert at the Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden


Diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden


Student of painting at Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden


Training as a graphic designer, Munich

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