Thorsten Groetschel

In his paintings Thorsten Groetschel looks for the interaction of imagination, memory, feeling, thinking and perception with dedication. By using photography he seperates every day scenes, including objects and places. They get fixed and therefore detached from their physical presence, dematerialized.

Painting and drawing enables him to rebuild his own ideas of those objects and places out of the left overs as something new, just like real documents of made up events or unfamiliar memories. In different nuances, sensed differently, newly reorganized.

With this Thorsten Groetschel descripes a world that is noticed as something natural, but filled up with the unknown, the incomprehensible and feelings that withholds from the human spirit.

For him, the single–family house with property again and again is the subject that quite fully forms the radical change between assumption, expectation, wishs, believe and reality.

1975 born in Karlsruhe, Germany - lives and works in Dresden


Foundation and Organisation of the Project- and Exhibition Room ‘Stauffenbergallee 11’, Dresden


Lecturer for ‘White Cube Black Box’, Kunsthaus Dresden


Assistant for Sculpture at Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden


Diploma and master student of Prof. Martin Honert


Studying painting and drawing at Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden with Prof. Elke Hopfe, Prof. Günther Hornig and Prof. Siegfried Klotz



Scholarship of the Department of Culture, Dresden


Administrative support of a project for the Departement of Culture and Monument Conservation, Dresden

Internet presence of Thorsten Groetschel