Tilmann Walther

In his work as an artist, Tilmann Walther focusses mainly on surfaces. This study of surfaces, their structure and material properties creates new surfaces that need to be studied.
Tilmann observes these mechanisms, a kind of feedback, and often uses the scrap products of his own work. He turns pieces of carpets and other materials he finds into wall sculptures or his palette becomes a rearranged photographic work.
On the other hand, he has an analytical mind that constantly tries making structures and constructs of reality visible. Therefore, he does not want to be limited in his work neither by materials nor by genre codes.

1975 born in Baden-Baden, Germany - lives and works in Leipzig


Master student with Prof. Eberhard Bosslet at the Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden


Study of painting, grafic arts and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden, Diploma


Study of painting at the National Academy of Arts Stuttgart



Residence scholarship in Künstlerhaus, Wiepersdorf Castle, Germany

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